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Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #20 by Ste
Posted: September 16, 2007 at 22:45
Well good news, she tested negative, hopefully that's the corner turned.
everything is crossed lol
Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #21 by tasmin
Posted: September 17, 2007 at 10:48
hi stv,

i am so glad to hear about ur good news!!!!

i'm sure u feel like u can relax a bit now :-)

it encourages us all when we hear that someone is actually recovring from this nightmare!!!!!!

i'll be praying with all my heart that this nightmare will soon be over for you and your wife and families.

all the best,

Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #22 by tasmin
Posted: September 18, 2007
hi all,

went to the hospital tonight to find my mum is back on oxygen, and had rapid heartbeat.

wheni walked in mum was hanging over the bed with her face on the bars of the bed and the curtins pulled around her, with no one in sight, needless to say i flipped and demanded to know what the heck was going on...apperently the doc was in with mum and had an emergancy call and left the curtins around my mums bed.

what a stupid thing to do!

acording to the other pateints, the doc left mum a half hour before i came in.

then i asked about them about the mrsa and i was told it was still positive...well i just lost it and asked in a loud voice why my mother wasnt in isolation and why the other ppl on the ward dont know my mum has mrsa.

i got a load of excuses about lack of isolation beds, and patient confidentality.

but the nurse gave me a number to ring patient services to complain about mum not being in isolation, and first think tomorrow morning i will be on to them.

right now i'm at a loss as to what to do.

my hubby suggested that we switch mum to private care, but i cant see this working.

mum looks dreadful, i could actually see her heart pounding in her chest, so much so that i though they had something attached to her chest...feel very low, cause again i fear for my mums life.

when is this ever going to end!


Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #23 by Maria
Posted: September 18, 2007
Dear Tasmin
This is so distressing for you. They really do need to discuss your mum's care plan so you know what it is they are going to do to treat her infection. She is entitled to her confidentiality but I am sure she will be willing for them to discuss this with you. They should be doing everything to make her comfortable and to reassure you.

I hope you manage to sort things out when you go into hospital tomorrow, if the nursing staff know how anxious you are they should be able to provide you with some information.

Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #24 by tasmin
Posted: September 19, 2007 at 03:15
hi all,

its 3.03am nd i'mtill awake, cant sleep with the worry of my mother.

got a call from the doctor, mum is now in an isolation unit nd now all of a sudden we all have to wear protective gloves and aprons...which makes me wonder, because all along we have been ing my mum and always been told we are in no danger, but now we have to wear all this stuff, soemtings just not ight there.
anyway the other thing the doctor had to tell me was mum has another infetion called VANCOMYCIN RESISTANT ENTEROCOCCI.

cant believe they were on the verge of sending mum home 6 weeks ago, giving how sick she is now!

anyway i have a meeting ith the doctor,social worker and staff nurse "i call them the robots, becaue thats what they sound like, ppl who show no emotion"

anyway, say a prayer for my mum, somehow i think shes gonna need it!

nite all,
Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #25 by Mavis Law
Posted: September 19, 2007 at 21:58
Dear Tasmin I will say a prayer for your mum tonight and my thoughts are with you. You have shown such strength up till now which has helped so many others who are sharing your pain and that is all being a rep is about is listening and caring about others and being able to identify with their problems. Wearing gloves and aprons at this time is to help prevent cross infection to your dear mum which is something I myself was ignorant of many years ago when I had a hysterectomy at the age of 32 and had a serious infection. I was put in isolation and was upset because I thought that I had something so bad that nobody wanted to be near to me I was upset and cried as I saw so many other patients come and go and I was in for 4 weeks! I felt like a leper and then a nurse explained that they weren't afraid of Them getting something from ME but of ME getting something from THEM !I hope that this helps Tasmin and please get some sleep tonight as your family need your strength. God Bless
Mavis xxx
Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #26 by Maria
Posted: September 19, 2007 at 22:51
Dear Tasmin
I am so sorry to hear that your mum has VRE, you will at least be able to discuss her care plan now that you know what infection she has. There are antibiotics that they can use to fight this, most likely teicoplanin, but you will need to ask the sister in your meeting what they plan to do. Make sure you follow strict hand hygiene measures and that the nursing staff are doing the same, ask them if they have a care pathway that includes the care plan for the treatment of the infection.

We will say a prayer for you and your mum Tasmin, if you need any help you know where we are. xx
Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #27 by tasmin
Posted: September 21, 2007 at 01:20
hi mavis and maria,

had a meeting with the team about my mum and got a lot said.
apperently mum still has MRSA and this new VRE bug too, shes very weak, but at least now she is speaking more...something she hasnt done in a few days.
they say that it will be months rather than weeks before she can be moved from the she wont be home any time soon.

one of the main problems we had was mums doctor.
she is what i call a clinical doctor..someone who acts like a robot, who does her job skillfully, but without any show of human emotion.

and her off hand approch was very off putting to me and my family...because she didnt show any compassion for mum or my family.
needless to say all this came out at the meeting.

and i told them that while i agreed that their primary care was to my mum, they should at the very least show some understanding for what we as a family are going through.
cause this was affecting us all!

the last thing u need when ur stressed out and worried sick is a robotic nurse/doc informing you of whats going on.

at a time like that u need someone with a gental way about them.
i dont now if u get what i mean or even if u have ever dealth with ppl like am talking about...but this was really doing my head in!
i felt like i was talking to one of those automated machines.

anyway, they are now very attentive towards my mum, make sure there are no mistakes made like the doc did the last night i was up there, and that suits me.

anyway, hope all is well with you all.


Re: My Mum has MRSA
Reply #28 by Mamagothika
Posted: July 19, 2011 at 19:57
I am going threw the same thing right now with my friend ive been a caregiver too for 9 years, he went in with a bed sore size of a finger tip now its the size of a dime and has mrsa in it and they are trying too send him back home with that now. im gonna film the wound and on his discharge date. this crap goes on in usa too
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