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How long before MRSA makes you feel ill?
Started by Dee
Posted: December 23, 2005 at 15:19

If someone becomes infected with MRSA, does anyone please know HOW LONG IT TAKES to start feeling ill ? Does it take hours OR days/weeks before it starts making you feel ill ? Can you "catch it" from, say for instance, reading a magazine/newspaper thats been handled by several other people if they are infected with it.
ALSO if you touch something/someone with your hand, thats got MRSA on it, could MRSA then travel straight to your lungs/chest & would it cause symptoms of flu etc. within hours ? Or does it take days/weeks to then infect you ?

Sorry for so many questions - but I would like to know because a relation has been in hospital for 36 hours & was due an op. which has now been postponed. This person "shared" their newspapers/magazines with all the other people on the ward & has come home today feeling pretty rough with a "tight chest". They've said the person in the next bed kept coughing & coughing. Presumably this is also how MRSA can also be "spread", as well as by physical contact...

If anyone knows the answers to these numerous queries I'll be really glad to hear from them...

Thank you
Re: How long before MRSA makes you feel ill?
Reply #1 by Bev
Posted: December 23, 2005 at 16:42
sorry to hear about your relation i would seriously ask to speak with the consultant in charge and ask them for all the information also please look at website that will give you more helpful facts
best wishes
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