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Infected with MRSA/Visiting someone in hospita
Started by Maggy
Posted: November 25, 2005 at 09:13

I'd be grateful if anyone knows if there is any "rules" or "official guidelines" concerning someone who has chronic MRSA infection in lungs/sputum, visiting someone in hospital following an operation ?

My mother is due to have an operation & I really DO NOT FEEL that I ought to visit her whilst she's in hospital BECAUSE I have chronic MRSA (despite numerous courses of treatment). There is no way I am going to be responsible for spreading this infection, NOT just to her but also other hospital patients, staff or other visitors.

I thought if I could find some guidelines etc. my mother may then "see sense" about this.

Thanks for any advice.
Re: Infected with MRSA/Visiting someone in hospita
Reply #1 by Bev
Posted: November 25, 2005 at 09:28
i think you are right maggy you should not visit the hospital if you have chronic mrsa infections ~ how are they treating you ? with what medication ?
i would imagine you could get the guidelines from your own GP or by contacting the infection control team in your area
best wishes
Re: Infected with MRSA/Visiting someone in hospita
Reply #2 by Maggy
Posted: November 25, 2005 at 09:57
I have just spoken to the "infection control team" at the hospital where my mam is due to have surgery & explained my situation... I CANNOT believe their reply !!! NO WONDER MRSA IS SPREAD SO EASILY...

Basically, they say I can visit my mum, but if I have a "productive cough" whilst there, to spit it into a tissue & dispose of it in one of the recepticles ! They also asked me how much contact I had with my mother at present (i.e. daily/weekly) and asked WHY was I concerned as I already saw her a couple of times a week!) I explained I DO NOT WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE for SPREADING MRSA NOT JUST to my mother, but other patients & staff, etc. etc.

I am shocked by their INDIFFERENT attitude... (Its not surprising this is the hospital where I KNOW i first caught MRSA from, 2 years ago...)

thanks again
Re: Infected with MRSA/Visiting someone in hospita
Reply #3 by Ruth Wollacott
Posted: November 25, 2005 at 11:01
What about airborne particles which are breathed in and out normally, rather than an actual cough or sneeze? Into which receptacle do they suggest you deposit your MRSA-infected tissue? All infected materials are supposed to be disposed of separately.

Two years ago when James contracted MRSA in St. Mary's, a senior nurse told him he should not have left his MRSA-pus stained sheet laying on the floor, he should have found a dirty linen bin. I remonstrated on the grounds that to have an MRSA-infected patient - who at the time was crippled as a result of MRSA and was being nursed in isolation as he was so infectious - wandering around the general ward, waving an MRSA-infected sheet around as he did so, posed a huge potential risk of infection spreading further in the hospital. That was two years ago and given the level of publicity since I am shocked that this still appears to be the attitude. Then the charge is levelled that dirty visitors bring MRSA into hospital. Indeed, but where did the dirty visitors get the MRSA in the first place? Maggy says she caught it from the hospital in the first place; maybe from an MRSA-infected person who was told by the medical staff that it was absolutely fine to wander among very sick and vulnerable hospital patients whilst carrying a virulent and fatal infection.
Re: Infected with MRSA/Visiting someone in hospita
Reply #4 by Patti
Posted: October 12, 2010 at 22:08
My niece has MRSA in her elbow. She is coughing a lot. Can I get this? I do wash my hands a lot when I go visit her in hospital.
Re: Infected with MRSA/Visiting someone in hospita
Reply #5 by mitch
Posted: October 28, 2010 at 01:58
here's one...just these last few day now, my mother-in-law had gone into a hospital here where we live for a much needed knee replacement surgery. The hospital SOP calls for her to be checked out for MRSA by nasal swabbing before her scheduled surgery and they also did an epidural spinal block for the pain after the surgery... Now we have found out that they operated on her WITHOUT ever getting the results back from the nasal swabbing for MRSA....They operated on her while she was suffering heavily from Staph a. infection! Is that messed up or what?! Here is the kicker- they(the hospital) are denying that she tested positive for MRSA at the hospital,but her lab tests all say she has a heavy infection of it. We pointed that out and they say yes she has MRSA,then they say the nurse in charges messed up the tests, then why operate?? is one thing to operate outside of protocol, now they are lying to us. In the mean time she is heavily fevered, with a big lesion around the epidural wound, with pus coming out, everyone is in gowns , gloves, and masks, she is isolated, they even have an infectious disease doctor there looking on here.. We asked for her medical records today, they said we could not have them and we that we had to wait for the doctor to give permission to release them... we know better than that and said our lawyer told us by law we could have them anytime we requested. They saw we know our biz and gave them us quick after that... this hospital is running around protocol to get people in and out for insurance money and did not want to wait a day or two for the lab tests as they want the bed for the next victims money.. I would publicly say which hospital, but since we are working on a lawsuit for negligence and possible fraud and malpractice, I cannot say... more to come....
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