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MRSA Contagion
Started by Maureen
Posted: January 1, 2008
My brother is currently hospitalized and critically ill due to a MRSA infection. He lives with me and I was in close contact with him before they finally diagnosed him. He is in isolation and we must follow strict procedures when we visit (gowns, gloves, masks). My concern probably seems extreme but I work closely with a woman who is pregnant. I would just die if I somehow infected her. Sometimes people can be carriers and not have the symptoms, I've read that somewhere. Any suggestions?
Re: MRSA Contagion
Reply #1 by Stacy
Posted: January 1, 2008 at 02:21
Well Maureen, Im fifteen and just got done with my IV thrarapy for ORSA, which is similar to MRSA, its just resistant to different meds. I would inform your coworker that you may have passed it to her so she can get tested because it could be dangerous to her baby and the sooner they diagnose it the better off she, and the baby will be. I waited to be diagnosed many years and the treatment was very painful and long. Im sorry to hear about your bother and i hope he makes a full recovery. You should use anti bacterial soap and take a bath with ONE cup of bleach in it. Do that once a week for a month and then once a month until your brother is cured. Good Luck.
Re: MRSA Contagion
Reply #2 by Maureen
Posted: January 1, 2008 at 03:30
Thanks for the advice. I hope that you are feeling well and that 2008 brings you only good health and happiness!
Re: MRSA Contagion
Reply #3 by Aaron
Posted: January 6, 2008 at 02:12
Stacy what where your symptoms? thanks
Re: MRSA Contagion
Reply #4 by AFW
Posted: January 6, 2008 at 20:36
I would absolutely NOT recommend putting bleach in your bath water!

Maureen, I suggest you have a chat with the Infection Control Team at your brother's hospital. It's pretty unlikely that you could cause harm to your work colleague, but you obviously need some more information and support.

I hope your brother gets better soon.
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