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c diff - is it the same as mrsa?
Started by rachel
Posted: June 7, 2007 at 20:33
Is c diff the same or similar to mrsa? My nan had c diff, after being treated for a chest infection. I was told it was common for her to get c diff (twice) as the antibiotics would cause her to get it. This all happened in hospital. She got it, got rid of it and got it back again. She died, however it was documented that her death was from a lung and leg blood clot. so, is c diff and mrsa the same or similar thing?
Re: c diff - is it the same as mrsa?
Reply #1 by Callie
Posted: June 7, 2007 at 22:23
MRSA and C diff and two totally different things

MRSA is a bacteria which can cause infections eg. by getting into wounds. This particular bacteria is resistant to certain types of antibiotics and is therefore harder to treat.

C diff is a different type of bacteria which lives in the gut - under certain conditions - usually caused by taking certain antibiotics this bacteria produces toxins which can make you very ill causing very bad diarrhoea which can get so bad it causes the person to die.

Re: c diff - is it the same as mrsa?
Reply #2 by Maria
Posted: June 8, 2007
Dear Rachel
I am so sorry to hear about your nan. As Callie says they are two entirely different infections, and what you have been told about anti-biotics causing C diff is also one way of catching it. Another way of catching c diff is through cross infection if there has been an outbreak in the hospital. It is very contagious because the spores are so easily spread and can only be destroyed by thorough cleaning with chlorine disinfectant and thorough handwashing with anti-bacterial soap.

Barrier nursing, which means isolation from uninfected patients with the use of gowns/aprons, gloves and other precautions, should be carried out.

Has anyone asked about the nature of the chest infection? Was this MRSA - very often people who have an infection are not told it is MRSA. If you visit the website there is information about MRSA and other useful sources of information.

C Diff Support also have a website where you can get more information about c diff

Your nan's next of kin can ask if the c diff was a contributory factor in her death, and can ask to view her medical records, so you would be able to see what the nature of the chest infection was, and again if this was a contributory factor. If either of these were a contributing factor then this may be challenged and requested that it is recorded on the death certificate. It is a difficult thing to do after you have lost a loved-one, but something that ensures that the scale of problem is on the record.

Please accept my condolences for your loss and if I can help my contact details are on the website.
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