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MSSA infection
Started by Vic B
Posted: January 24, 2007 at 12:27
I caught the terrible disease MSSA in June 2005 after a spell in hospital for a simple problem. After 2 spinal operations and a long spell in hospital I am free of the disease but the after effects are still affecting me. IE I have very little feeling in the lower half of my body, except for endless pain. Is anyone able to advise me on what I can do? My GP is not able to offer any help, all I am told is that "the nerve ends are affected and feeling will return"But when!!! I feel that the NHS has abandoned me. HELP!!.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #1 by Scot
Posted: January 25, 2007 at 09:10
Ruth can probably talk to you about this Vic, as her son has bad after effects. Have you tried asecond opinion?
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #2 by Ruth Wollacott
Posted: January 25, 2007 at 10:22
These after effects sound very similar to those still being suffered by the actress Leslie Ash who contracted MSSA three years ago and was paralysed from the waist down for a while. She is interviewed quite frequently on TV and the last time, which was only a couple of weeks ago, she reported still using a stick for support and having great mobility problems. James' nerve problems are in his ankle and foot and he has similarly been told the feeling will return but after almost four years we are also asking the same question - when? Not much help really, sorry. The only comfort it may bring is that these very long term after effects seem to be par for the course for survivors of MRSA and similar infections.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #3 by Emily
Posted: February 7, 2008 at 02:19
I found this site through Google and was so glad to see the discussions were not very long ago.

I became infected with MSSA in my ankle after a surgery in December. It "popped" up mid-January and I was hospitalized and had another surgery to clean it out. I'm on IV antibiotics through a PICC line and the ankle itself is not getting any better. I can finally bear a little weight on it, with the help of one crutch. But I'm basically just walking/pushing through the pain.

Can someone tell me what MSSA is? How it is different from MRSA?

Re: MSSA infection
Reply #4 by judy
Posted: May 14, 2008 at 03:49
this is terrifying - my husband just found out today that he has MSSA - i would also like to know how it is different from MRSA - so far he has a hole in the side of his leg just above the knee and is taking an antibiotic - will the hole close up and the infection go away - the doctors seem to be somewhat vague and not overly concerned.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #5 by Lyn Mercer
Posted: May 24, 2008 at 18:05

y son has MSSA 2 months after a bad accident and several surgeries? He is in the hospital, What can we expect?
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #6 by Judy
Posted: May 30, 2008 at 04:23
My mom was diagnosed with MSSA after having a glioblastoma (Cancerous tumor)removed. We have gotten little information about it but we are meeting with the infectious doctor tomorrow so I will let you guys know what I find out. So far all I know is that it is the same as MRSA but is not as resistant to antibiotics as MRSA. MRSA is resistant to all antibiotics but Vancomycin.With MSSA other antibiotics can be used to fight the infection. Hang in there. Thats all we can do.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #7 by Michelle
Posted: July 6, 2008 at 20:11
My partner is currectly in hospital with MSSA in his chest. 2 weeks ago he was told by A&E that the pain in his back was a pulled muscle. They think the MSSA bug got to the muscle before his white cells did and created a sack of pus under the skin. He has had it drained and cut open but it's in his tissue so have left the wound open and are relying on antibiotics to get rid of it. He also had it in his finger 5 months ago but was told he contracted it through a insect bit on his finger and then infecting it with stagnant water from an old sink he was removing. He has been given nose ointment & body scrub to get it out of his system for good. No one seems to know much about it and it's frightening to think it can come back from such a simple thing as pulling a muscle. He's a builder and usually very fit, but has been drinking beer too much. They think his immune system was low, added to the fact he obviously has high amounts of MSSA in his system. Just wish there was more info on MSSA not just MRSA. Is it the same thing but can be treated or what? They're sending him home tomorrow with an open wound, a bag of antibio's and pain killers!!!
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #8 by Margaret
Posted: August 6, 2008 at 22:14
Hi, I've been looking for a site like this. I have been treated for breast cancer. After surgery and 6 months' chemotherapy, I contracted MSSA/Septicaemia through my Hickman line. I was in hospital for 16 days and seemed to be gradually recovering when after 3 weeks they started me on my radiotherapy. After a few sessions I suddenly started to feel terrible joint pain which spread all over my body. Despite my concerns, the radiotherapy was continued and the pain became worse and worse. This happened over a year ago and I have remained crippled and in permanent pain all over ever since, together with chronic fatigue. I have become very frustrated with doctors who claim they don't know why I am like this but I strongly suspect it is related to the MSSA and perhaps aggravated by having radiotherapy too soon while I was still trying to recover from it. I have been having physiotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, both of which have helped to a degree but I am still severely incapacitated. I am 54 and instead of looking forward to returning to normal again after all my cancer treatment, I feel as though I am now battling something for which there seems to be no treatment and no hope of recovery. Is there any hope of help from anywhere?
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #9 by Priscilla
Posted: August 17, 2008 at 22:58
I had a lumpectomy for Paget's Disease (cancer of the nipple) and then I got cellulitis and MSSA. I was in the hospital for 4 days and now at home I am getting Vancomycin thru a PICC line in my arm. I will be having radiation for 6-8 weeks. I hope there is no problem with pain or paralysis. I will be having knee replacement near the end of the year.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #10 by JOE
Posted: August 23, 2008
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #11 by PSM
Posted: November 19, 2008 at 04:44
My daughter who is now 5 has been battling MSSA since she was 3. At first she got a huge boil on her genetalia - took antibiotic, it went away. Then another on her leg, took more anitbios, it went away. AFter a full year of battling it, we thought we had it stopped, then she just recently got it again on her buttock (really huge), after a year if its absence. She has had no surgeries or wounds, it just shows up on her skin. It is so frustrating because I feel like I'm trying to do everything I can to help her but I'm not sure it is enough because it just keeps coming back. If anyone knows of a good site or place to ask for treatment advice, please respond. Thank you and God Bless you all!
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #12 by Marc
Posted: November 19, 2008 at 08:44
MSSA just means that the Staph. aureus bacteria is sensitive to the antibiotic methicillin (therefore may as welljust be called SA). It is a very common organism that can sometimes cause severe infection. It is not a superbug as used to describe MRSA.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #13 by Jon
Posted: December 30, 2008 at 19:28
Marc - You're quite wrong - MSSA is a super bug - I was on iv
antibiotics for 8 weeks and had north of $1,000,000 in hospital bills
and lost one hip. If this gets into the blood stram, you have 3-5
hours to live. This is very much a super bug
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #14 by RLDedinsky
Posted: January 3, 2009 at 20:39
I have to say this forum is scaring the living daylights out of me. My husband pulled/tore a muscle at work. After ten days of my husband insisting that it was more than a pulled muscle we ended up in the ER with his knee three times the normal size. Off to emergency surgery. It took almost a week of me begging them to look at his back where all of this started before they realized there was an abscess and his bones were infected. He lost 90% of his disk and we won't know for months how badly affected his bones are. So two more surgeries later we are still in the hospital. The meds they have him on are horrific. I have to tell him everyday where he is and what happened. Every time he hears that he missed Christmas he cries. I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog's Day or 50 First Horrible Dates. He has to wear a clam shell (full back/chest brace) for at least three months and will need 24 hour care when they send him home, as well as a PICC line and antibiotics for at least six weeks. I am frustrated and absolutely infuriated with the health care system. The week leading up to this he was insisting on an MRI, we were treated like we were shopping for drugs. It was humiliating and to find out that had they done the MRI like he was asking we would not be in this bad of a situation. As of today it has been 12 days in the hospital and they are saying it won't be until at least Wednesday until he is released. On top of all of that a staff member helped themselves to medication that I had in my purse and the staff didn't want to do anything about it. I don't see any end in sight and am worried that we may lose our home by the time all of this is over.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #15 by Chris
Posted: January 5, 2009 at 01:25
I just recovered from compartment syndrome in my arm. I had 9 surgeries over the past 9 months. The last two were a result of an MSSA infection I received through the open wound and I ended up staying in the hospital for 8 days for the additional surgies and to be pumped full of IV antibiotics. I then had 10 days of oral antibiotics once I left.

While the experience was a bit scary, I now have no symptoms (that I'm aware of); however, I have some residual effects from the surgeries (i.e. muscle loss, nerve (feeling) loss, etc)).

I just wanted to give a little encouragement...that this infection doesn't always end in pain. :)
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #16 by karen
Posted: January 13, 2009
my husband had voluntary neck surgery to fix a pinched nerve. metal plates where put
in C7 and C5 to create space. two weeks after surgery he started having extreme pain.
they hospitalized him to monitor and do tests for fractures and infection. they found
nothing. then six weeks after surgery his neck swelled up to the size of his head and
they did emergency surgery to find he had an infection that attacked and destroyed
half of his C4 which not only loosened one of the metal plates, but comprised the
entire surgery which had to be redone with cadaver bone to bridge the space where
the plate had to be removed. when the culture came back they said it was a staph and
strep. and that the bacteria was commonly found in the mouth. my husband had went
to the dentist a week and half after original surgery to have a crown glued in that fell
out during flossing. the hygienist coerced him into filling an empty slot for a cleaning
while he was there. they did not recommend antibiotics which i am told is standard
protocol for patients that are post op or have apparatus in them. my husband did no
know this. he has always been extremely healthy. the pain started days after the dental
visit. we think that may have been where it came from. negligence. it is difficult to find
concrete information about incubation of staph infections. I've contacted a lawyer in
the mean time. he is currently on IV antibiotics at home and hoping that his neck fuses
correctly. he still has arm pain from the healing nerve, but the intense pain from the
infection has subsided. this has been a total nightmare for the entire family.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #17 by Towanda
Posted: January 14, 2009 at 19:17
I also have mssa from insect bites and was hospitalized for 8 days. It almost went away and has returned after 3 months and never quite healing. I have open sores and paper thin skin. every time I get a cut in gets infected.
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #18 by Su
Posted: February 14, 2009 at 14:37
Can anyone tell me exactly what the symptoms of the MSSA are, and how it is diagnosed
Re: MSSA infection
Reply #19 by sw
Posted: February 23, 2009 at 02:40
my uncle has had this infection twice in the past 4 months and right now he is in icu and almost died twice so i feel for anyone battling this my son has had mrsa 6 times and almost lost his hand and leg from these nasty bugs so just pray that they woll find an antibiotic to cure it all
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